A Center Parcs Christmas miracle

An open book with reindeer characters in it

29 December 2021


Warning…you might want a box of tissues.

Early in November, we received a heart-wrenching email from one of our guests, telling us about their son’s lost limited edition Nutmeg the Reindeer Center Parcs teddy. 

Nutmeg plush toy next to Christmas tree


Good evening,

A few years ago, my son left his favourite Nutmeg teddy over in France and we’ve never been able to get it back or order another one online as hard as we’ve looked.

It’s been about 4 years now, and every year my son puts it on his Christmas list for Nutmeg to come home. I was emailing as a last resort that perhaps you may have some old stock and have a beanie Nutmeg on one of your villages?

I am willing to pay for him and I know this is an unusual request, but it would truly make his Christmas.

Many thanks,


Understandably, this story broke our hearts! So, the mission began…we were going to do everything we could to find the Nutmeg teddy bear for Rowan.


Each of the villages searched high and low but, since this Nutmeg teddy was no longer sold in our Christmas shops, it proved quite the task. Luckily, Jason - a very kind Security Manager from Woburn - was nice enough to part ways with his own Nutmeg toy and offer the teddy to Rowan’s family.


We knew Rowan would want a reason for why Nutmeg had been missing for such a long time. Our fabulously creative Natalie Roberts, a Housekeeper from Woburn Forest, was able to create a personalised passport filled with Nutmeg’s travels whilst he’d been away. As well as this, Nutmeg was also photographed on his Center Parcs visits with Santa and Jason to add to the festive magic. Finally, our elves very kindly asked Santa for a personal letter addressed to Rowan for him to read on Christmas morning.

Nutmeg's passport
The Christmas envelope from Santa to Rowan
a letter to Rowan from Santa describing the places Nutmeg had travelled to
The gift given to Rowan, Nutmeg plush toy, pictures of Paris and Nutmeg with santa


When Rowan received the present, he was over the moon and cried with happiness. His mum Sophie also loved it!

I was cracking up with laughter at the photos of Nutmeg with Santa & security and then the letter from Father Christmas made me emotional! The passport, and all the attention to details are so amazing I honestly cannot thank you enough.


Thank you to all our Center Parcs family for getting involved to make this a reunion Rowan will cherish forever. We are so thrilled to be part of making wonderful memories for our past, present and future guests. 


Elizabeth Winter

Currently working as Village Marketing Coordinator for Woburn Forest, I first began working at Center Parcs as an Outdoor Activity Instructor during my summer months at university. I enjoy collaborating with such a varied group of people every day and being part of the Center Parcs family. 

A photo of our Village Marketing Coordinator, Elizabeth Winter