A Center Parcs games night

05 February 2021

A Center Parcs games night

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Snakes and ladders

The best way to start your games night, a Center Parcs version of snakes and ladders! Make your way back to your lodge, using the shortcuts or taking it one step at a time. But be careful as there are obstacles in your way that may take you back some spaces.

Download snakes and ladders board here

Download snakes and ladders counters and dice here


Snap needs no explanation but print off 4 of each sheet so you’ve got lots of characters to play with.

Download snap here

What am I?

A heads-up style game but with our own twist! Print off the ‘what am I’ cards and some heads bands here and with yes or no questions try to guess who or what you are.

Download what am I here

Character cut-outs
A close up of a board game

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