Accessibility at Center Parcs

7 April 2022

Accessibility at Center Parcs

Whether you have mobility issues or hidden disabilities, we want all families to be able to enjoy a Center Parcs break. We have made careful decisions to put adaptations and measures in place across all areas of the village. Keep reading to find out what these are across all our villages and tips on how to get the most out of your break if you require support.


At all of our villages, we have a range of adapted accommodation which feature:

  • Level access up to the front door and onto patio
  • Accessible bedrooms with an electric bed with adjustable and retractable bed sides with wheels to aid movement (portable hoists can be arranged. Please get in touch in advance to make arrangements).  At Longford Forest, our adapted lodges have tracked hoists in the bedroom
  • Accessible bathroom with inward opening door, accessible shower (with flip down seat), wash hand basin and toilet
  • Kitchen includes lowered worktops for easy access from wheelchairs
  • Designated parking close to the lodge
  • Our hot tub lodges include hoists for access into the hot tub

“The lodges were beautiful, the adapted lodge was well set out with the best adapted bathroom we have had during any holiday in the UK or abroad.”



With over 200 activities to enjoy, there is something for everyone. Our colleagues make sure that each guest has the best experience they can on our activities. If you or someone in your party has disabilities or particular needs, contact Guest Services prior to your activity. We will discuss your requirements and make sure everything is in place, to allow you to have a stress-free time.  

Due to the nature of some activities being physically demanding, not all activities will be suitable for all guests. Visit our website to find out about certain activities at particular villages. 

“Due to the flat surfaces and wheelchair friendly entrances/exits, we were able to navigate the wheelchair across the village. We were able to participate in a number of accessible activities such as Kayaking, Adventure Golf, swimming, Ten Pin Bowling and Target Archery”


Subtropical Swimming Paradise

The heart of the village – our Subtropical Swimming Paradise. A water park filled with pools, rides and slides where we have made careful decisions to make sure every guest can enjoy it. At the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, you will find:

  • Large changing cubicles and adapted changing facilities for guests who need to lie down including hoist, shower and toilet 
  • Accessible toilets and communal showers
  • Large lockers at various heights. For any larger items such as prosthetics please speak to a member of staff
  • Mirrors and hair drying facilities suitable for wheelchair height
  • Ramps which link to different areas. Some rides and slides are accessed via steps. Please visit the website for more information on each village set up
  • A portable hoist and transit chair, suitable for entry into water is available on request.
  • An induction loop for guests with hearing impairments is available from the pool Information Desk
  • Seating is available around the Subtropical Swimming Paradise
  • Accessible Cabanas available for more privacy

To view a map of each Subtropical Swimming Paradise visit our website. 

“The facilities for my disabled grandson were very good. We were able to transfer him to a suitable chair supplied by Center Parcs to get him into the pool and with a life jacket, he greatly enjoyed the waves and the rapids”


Aqua Sana

We all deserve a bit of relaxation time now and then. Our award-winning Aqua Sana is a great place to unwind and to feel rejuvenated whether that’s from a Spa Session or a Treatment.

A guest who has Cerebral Palsy was able to enjoy a full body massage:

“The staff were so helpful, and went above and beyond to help us out. My cousin who has cerebral palsy was able to get a full body massage and do the spa experience. Their spa treatment room doubled as a changing room with a shower and large automated bed which was great, we also hired a hoist which helped a lot too.”



All of our restaurants and cafés are suitable for wheelchair access and some of our restaurants offer terraces for al fresco dining. If you have additional requirements such as assistance reading the menu, staff will be more than happy to help.

Take a look at our menus and see what tickles your taste buds - there's something for everyone, from Italian to American cuisines! 


Getting around village

If you have booked an adapted accommodation, then a dedicated parking space is provided close to the accommodation. However, to support our car-free environment the vehicle may not be used to travel around the village during your stay.

If you have guests in your party with disabilities that limit their ability to get around village then you can use the Mobility Service. This is booked on a first come first served basis and can be pre-booked at Guest Services. Our friendly drivers will get you to where you need to be.

It gets very dark at night in the forest, to minimise light pollution. It is advised to bring a torch if you are wandering through the village on an evening.

There are adult changing facilities within main areas of the village for guests to use. These include a mobile shower changer, hoist, toilet and adjustable hand basin. 


Cycle Centre

Our Cycle Centre is equipped with various styles of cycles to help guests get around in style – a fun and quick way to explore the village. As well as our standard cycle fleet we also have the following which guests can pre-book:

Duets - a three wheeled adapted adult cycle provides transport for one able bodied cyclist and one person in a wheelchair

Adult Tricycle - three wheeled cycle.

Tandem - Available to guests where one person has a visual impairment

Mobility Scooters - available for adults only, with electric motors and controlled by hand levers 

Wheelchairs – manual wheelchairs are available

A guest with Down Syndrome had the best time on a Duet, his brother shared:

“The best part of his holiday was the duet bikes. It has a wheelchair in the front (which is detachable when needed) and a cycle at the back. To my brother this was the best thing, being free and able to cycle all over the park. He called it his motorbike. The joy on his face was fantastic.”


First Aid Centre

Our friendly colleagues at the First Aid Centre will be on hand to help with any issues. Please be aware that they are unable to administer or provide medication but will direct you to the closest pharmacy or hospital.

We have qualified First Aiders for guests in all areas of the village. The First Aid Centre is open during the day and Security provide 24 hour First Aid cover.

Defibrillators are also available in main buildings and staff in those areas are trained in their use.

Equipment to loan

There are a few items you are able to hire during your break to assist with any needs such as:

  • Deaf Alarm – vibrating; wireless
  • Vibrating alarms clocks
  • Infra-red TV listening system
  • High backed chairs
  • Commodes
  • Raised toilet seat

Please get in touch with the Contact Centre prior to your break or Guest Services whilst on village if you wish to loan any equipment.

We are dedicated to do our best to make sure everyone has a stress-free and enjoyable break. Colleagues have shared some examples of when they have assisted guests:

"Sent a small video of the village/accommodation and sent to a family with an autistic child. This helped the child to familiarise themselves with where they would be staying and what it looked like"

"Arranged for a child with Cerebral Palsy to go on the Indoor Climbing Adventure and made sure there was an extra space after their slot, so the staff could take their time with the child"

"When a guest approaches with hearing difficulties, I speak through my phone so it types out what I say, then the guest can write down what they would like us to help them with"

"When I know a guest is arriving with disabilities, I check what the guest has booked and inform the department of the time and day, so they are aware and can prepare for their arrival"

We understand that every guest has different and unique needs. The Guest Services team on village are available to listen and assist with guest requirements as best as they can.

Guest stories

Hear from some of our guests that have been on a Center Parcs break:

“My son is special needs so we booked an adapted lodge where we found all the comforts of home. The view was beautiful and the lodge was spotless upon arrival. All the restaurants and the swimming pool were adapted so we could easily get inside with the wheelchair. All staff were friendly and caring and made sure my son was comfortable wherever we went. Perfect place to go if you've got a family member in a wheelchair. We will definitely return”

“I came here with my husband and four children, three of whom have additional needs (autism, ADHD and anxiety). Everyone has been so helpful and has catered for all our requests, no matter how unusual! Some of the things they have done to help us are:

We ordered a takeaway margarita pizza for my son. When it arrived, it had actual pieces of tomato on, rather than just puree which is what he was expecting. It was completely my fault, when I checked the menu it did state this. My son got extremely distressed, so I rang and asked if they could send another one without the tomato they had a new one cooked and delivered in under half an hour.

Housekeeping was so understanding - we had funny rules such as 'don't touch the teddies' and they acted as if this was a totally normal request.

If anyone is wondering about coming here with children with additional needs, I would say go for it. We have already booked to come back in the summer!”

“We bring our three children here all of whom have Autism three times a year and always at Christmas. The environment and facilities are fab but what really makes it so special are the staff, who always go that extra mile.”

“Magical nature, great accommodation, and the Sports Plaza was amazingly large and complete! Cherry on the cake: everything is adapted for people with disabilities. The staff are very nice too.”


If you have any questions regarding accessibility at Center Parcs please get in touch and we will be happy to assist. Alternatively, if you have been on a Center Parcs break with guests who have disabilities we would love to hear your story, email [email protected].


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This blog post was written by a former colleague of Center Parcs; the content in the post is still relevant for you to keep up to date with all things Center Parcs.

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