Fun facts from Center Parcs

15 July 2022

Fun facts from Center Parcs

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Ever wondered how many burgers we sell a year or how many little ones visited Santa last year?

Take a read through our wonderful and quirky facts from all of our villages and share with your friends and family. Which one is your favourite?


Elveden Forest

  • On average the pool uses 100 tonnes of fresh water per day
  • Our Aqua Sana Spa therapists painted 10,330 toes last year!
  • 9.5 million metres were travelled along our zip wire last year
  • Chocolate Chefs have dipped 3,288 marshmallows in chocolate last year
  • If you stood all the cycles on top of each other, the tower would be over 28 times the height of Big Ben (2,688m)
  • 5.5 million metres were climbed on our Indoor Climbing Adventure walls last year


Longford Forest

  • Since opening we have welcomed 375,593 guests
  • Since opening we have had 1.1 million swimmers in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise
  • When Longford Forest opened, we identified 29 cultural and historical features
  • Since opening we have helped create 14,200 pieces of pottery
  • The oldest feature discovered at Longford Forest was a ‘burn spread’ an ancient cooking area dating from The Bronze Age – 3,300 BC to 1,200 BC
  • Since opening we have sold 72,451 pints of Guinness in our restaurants


Whinfell Forest

  • The Indoor Rapids are used approximately 1.095 million times a year
  • 8,500 guests have met our Baby Owls in this last year
  • Last year Sports Café served 25,300 adult burgers
  • Huck's sell around 15,234 kilos of fries each year which, if placed end on end, would reach from Carlisle to Leeds……with a few miles to spare
  • 90,000 children visited Santa at Winter Wonderland 2021
  • During the last year Whinfell Forest sold 57,944 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Woburn Forest

  • The Leisure Bowl sell on an average 2,000 lanes a month
  • At Treats an average of 120 pieces of fudge are sold a day
  • We have 1,600 cycles on village for our guests to use
  • At Rajinda Pradesh we sold 81,091 Chicken Tikka Masalas
  • At Aqua Sana Spa in Vitale they sold 16,959 glasses of prosecco
  • Every Cycle has travelled over 9,900km to get from the factory to Woburn Forest


Sherwood Forest

  • In the last year 193,638  guests conquered Aerial Adventure
  • At full occupancy Sherwood Forest can sleep 4,806 guests
  • 268,528 Pints of larger (all brands) was sold over the past year
  • There are 26 different types of lodges at Sherwood Forest
  • There are 9,612 pillow cases
  • Over the last year we have sold 73,805 burgers


Longleat Forest

  • One of our Land Train drivers has been working for us for 15 years, if you calculated how many times he has driven around the village it equates to driving to the moon and back twice over
  • When Longleat Aqua Sana opened it had 14 treatment rooms and it now has 24
  • Longleat Center Parcs is set amongst over 400 acres
  • The village lodges have been renumbered three times
  • To run the Subtropical Swimming Paradise there needs to be 17 lifeguards on at all times
  • Longleat has the tallest Redwood tree in the UK
Father holding child high above head in pool

Sophie Borrill

As Marketing Assistant at Center Parcs, I love seeing and hearing all the amazing moments from your break. I love sharing exciting updates and helping our guest get back to nature.

Sophie Borrill