Hidden gems at Center Parcs

view of some lodge roofs through forest foliage and trees

27 October 2021

Hidden gems at Center Parcs

Our villages are full of insider secrets either nestled away in the forest or positioned in plain sight. Tick off which ones you have seen and make a note of which ones you have left to find.


Elveden Forest

Standing proud in Elveden Forest is a Phoenix statue. This statue symbolises Center Parcs’ rebirth in Elveden after the fire in 2002. It was carved from a 170-year-old Lebanon Cedar tree by artist Ben Platt-Mills, of Coney Weston near Diss. You can find this statue outside the Cycle Centre entrance (grid reference E11).

A tree trunk carved into a phoenix


Longleat Forest

Take a wander through the Giant Redwood trees in Longleat Forest. See if you can spot the 170-year-old tree measuring 58 meters tall – that’s the equivalent in height to 13 double-decker buses stacked on top of each other, making it the tallest Redwood in the UK! Admire these trees from the Redwood Boardwalk (grid reference E9 on your map).

A boy leaning against and looking up at a redwood tree


Woburn Forest

There are many picnic areas on our villages, but have you seen this hidden picnic area at Woburn Forest? Situated next to the Rangers Lodge (grid reference G3) you get a lovely view of the lake, tucked away for a perfect moment of peace and quiet. Sit and listen to the nearby stream, gaze at the fairy lights – the perfect lunchtime spot.

Or take a walk in the trees and look out for the ‘hugging tree’ (grid reference F7) - two intertwined trees that have grown together. Situated opposite The Venue near lodges 300 this is a central area to spot this hidden gem.

The hugging tree- two trees that have grown around each other.
Seating area in the forest with benches


Sherwood Forest

A monument in Sherwood Forest is Sherwood’s Carved Tree. This was hand carved in 2017 and can be found amongst the trees (grid reference F10). Have a look and see if you can spot the symbols, featuring an owl, squirrel, badminton racket, mushroom, and a little bicycle. These symbols show all the amazing things you can do at Center Parcs, how many have you done?

Sherwood's Carved Tree with symbols, featuring an owl, squirrel, badminton racket, mushroom, and a little bicycle.


Longford Forest

The historic Herdsman's Hut was discovered during an Archaeological survey prior to breaking ground for the village. Built in 1800 the Herdsman’s Huts were used to provide shelter for farm or estate workers in bad weather. Take a stroll through the forest and stumble across this historic sight (grid reference B8).

Or take a seat on the beautiful Children of Lir wooden carved bench, commissioned by local artist to Longford Forest, Richie Clarke. Inspired by the Irish folklore about ‘Children of Lir’ the wooden bench sits proudly at the Village Square (grid reference D6).

Longford Forest Herdman's Hut archaeological ruins.
Longford Forests Children of Lir wooden carved bench.


Whinfell Forest

Explore the beautiful Moorland View pond, created during construction in 1997 to increase biodiversity of the forest habitat. A hidden suntrap situated near the Nature Discovery Area (grid reference G14) – making this the perfect place to spot some of the rare species that inhabit this pond, the Great Crested Newt! Stop by on your way to the Nature Discovery Area for a picnic at this hidden gem, sit and gaze at the variety of Dragonflies and Damselflies as they skim across the pond – your own space of tranquillity.

Pond surrounded by trees.


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Sophie Borrill

As Marketing Assistant at Center Parcs, I love seeing and hearing all the amazing moments from your break. I love sharing exciting updates and helping our guest get back to nature.

Sophie Borrill