How a young guest's card game came to life

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31 January 2021


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Alfred, a young guest, who is a huge fan of all things Center Parcs, had designed and drawn his very own card game that he could play with his family. His Auntie had shared the creative designs with us, and we just had to do a special Center Parcs surprise. Our design team created the cards, using Alfred’s designs, and we had them specially printed and delivered to Alfred’s Mum. Alfred received the gift from Center Parcs on Christmas and said it was the ‘best present ever!’

Alfred’s Mum shares her thanks and how impressive the cards are:

I'm pleased to say the cards were very well received indeed. Alfred's face lit up when he opened them, he was excitedly showing the rest of the family and telling them all about how he'd drawn them (with help from Edward deciding which activities they enjoyed the most) and how they'd devised the scoring system - his young cousins were as impressed as the grown-ups!”

The cards include all Alfred’s and his family’s favourite activities and restaurants from a Center Parcs break, including cycling around the forest and relaxing in the lodge. Each card features categories of: Wetness, Duration, Enjoyment, Thrill and Energy Used, which Alfred has scored. He must be a big fan of The Pancake House, which scored a whopping 90 for enjoyment – we don’t blame him!

Families can download Alfred’s card game for a new Center Parcs style game night. Click here to download your pack.

How to play

  • Print the downloadable pack and cut the cards out
  • Divide the cards evenly between the players
  • Each player takes a look at their top card
  • The player chosen to go first should pick a category from their card and read it out, trying to choose the highest value. For example, Aerial Tree Trekking has a ‘Thrill’ score of 99!
  • All players check their top card, and whoever has the highest number wins the card
  • If there is a tie, put the matching cards in the middle and play another round. The winner of that round wins the cards in that round plus the ones in the middle from the last round
  • Keep playing until one person has all the cards – the winner!

Share your games night photos with us of your family playing Alfred’s card game. You may have other favourite activities you could add – use the hashtag #mycp and share your favourite activities and what you would score them.

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