How to stay fit with your family

Family on a bike ride in the forest
17 September 2020

How to stay fit with your family

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As your children grow and become more independent, tempting them away from their screens to stay active becomes a challenge. A break at Center Parcs is the perfect time to find new ways to get active together, and with activities that accommodate children and grown-ups of any age, why not give one of these a go during your next break.

Go along for the ride

It’s hard to make time for leisurely family bike rides normally, so make the most of your break at Center Parcs by hiring bikes for everyone and enjoying trips around the vehicle-light, tree-lined roads. With everything from balance bikes for three years and up to adult bikes with trailers or child seats, you can ensure the whole family enjoys the experience. Just pre-book your cycles online and head to the Cycle Centre on the first day of your break to get measured up.

Make playtime active

Any parent of a small child will tell you that sitting still is not among their strengths. Make the most of this unbounded energy to get your heart-rate up with some simple play. Everything from playing tag among the trees to touring the village’s many outdoor play areas will keep you and your little ones going for hours. You can even indulge in a little nostalgia with Den Building and Decorating – yes, moving twigs and pine cones can count as exercise!

Stretch yourselves

Activity doesn’t have to be intense – why not make the most of the peaceful woodland setting to enjoy some family yoga outside your lodge? Little ones love stretching themselves (though you might be envious of their amazing flexibility) – those of your family members who are 14 years+ can try a Yoga class first for a bit of inspiration.

Hit it!

Nurture your mini-Serenas with some court sports. Perfect for grown-ups who aren’t quite up to speed with their overarm serves and drop shots. Try Short Tennis, with short-handled rackets and soft balls; or for younger children, Family Ball Wall is a brilliant soft ball game that everyone can play, throwing or kicking soft balls at bright, interactive targets on the wall.

Aim and swing

For golf enthusiasts in the family, head to our themed Adventure Golf for a spot of tee with your family. Play to win in a tournament or just practice your aim and precision as you navigate the obstacles, avoid pitfalls and see who can get a hole in one first.

If any of these activities spark your interest, browse our website to see what else you can do to keep active with your little ones, or book your short break in the forest today.


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