Longleat Forest wildlife highlights over the past 24 years

Ducks in the forest
04 October 2018

Longleat Forest wildlife highlights over the past 24 years

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Our Senior Conservation Ranger James Monk has gone back to when Longleat Forest first opened in 1994 and has gathered lots of information about the wildlife that’s lived there. Over the last 24 years, our beautiful forest has evolved and has been home to several different animals.


  • A grand total of 604 species were identified when Longleat Forest opened. However, in 1995 when the very first annual ecological report was completed the total number increased to 984 species


  • The Firecrest bird, one of the smallest birds in the UK and part of the Kinglet family was recorded for the first time with two pairs of breeding. This was a nationally significant population in the UK as the breeding population was around 20-30 pairs


  • Center Parcs was one of the first companies in the UK to achieve the Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark accreditation. This recognised our commitment to protecting the forest and wildlife in the best and most environmentally friendly way


  • Longleat Forest won the Wildlife Trust’s Corporate Green Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Environment and in the next following years for Sustainable Progress and Working for Wildlife


  • The first dormouse was found at Nockatt Coppice nature reserve after dormouse tubes were placed in the reserve the year before


  • A rare bee orchid flower was sighted near the Wildflower Meadow
  • We have the largest breeding population of siskin in Wiltshire
  • There are 75 varied species of trees in Longleat Forest

Longleat Forest in the future will continue to have a growing number of species with the help of the Conservation Rangers and Ground Services team who continue to protect the forest and wildlife.

In the meantime, enjoy world animal day and spoil your animals. Or enjoy our wildlife at Longleat Forest on your next break at Center Parcs.


James Monk works with a group in the forest
View across a lake
Man looks through camera at bird
Sun shines through forest

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