How to make your own Christmas tree decorations

12 December 2019

How to make your own Christmas tree decorations

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Christmas trees are up and the decorations have come down from the loft!

Make your Christmas tree a little different this year with some homemade decorations with things you can find in the forest. So if you’re coming on a break at Center Parcs be sure to pick up some essential items like sticks, twigs and pine cones and you can get making the decorations when you’re home.

Rustic Stars

A hot glue gun (only to be used by adults)
A handful of thin, straight sticks
Pine needle sprigs
Felt – cut into 2cm squares
Christmas accessories: tiny pine cones, buttons, bells, ribbons
Needle and thread


1 Cut four sticks about 8cm long and four slimmer sticks a little shorter
2 Glue the four sticks in a cross shape onto the felt, leaving a small gap in the centre
3 Glue the four smaller sticks on the diagonal to make a star shape
4 Snip tiny sticks to add across the main twigs or at 45º angles at the ends, like a snowflake
5 Glue small sprigs of pine in the gaps
6 Add Christmassy bits like bells and ribbons with glue, or thread wires through the felt
7 You can sew festive buttons through the felt centre
8 Hang with a length of ribbon

Cork Reindeers

Large corks or prosecco corks
A hot glue gun (only to be used by adults)
A pine cone
Googly eyes
Red bells, buttons or pom poms for a nose
Brown pipe cleaners
Stripy string for hanging
A bradawl
A small screwdriver


1 Make three holes with the bradawl across the top of the cork for antlers and for hanging
2 Cut a pipe cleaner in two then cut 3cm from each half
3 Bend the larger pieces into a loose question mark and the smaller into an ’s’
4 Twist the S’s around the pipe cleaners to make antlers
5 Push the antlers into the cork holes
6 Push a length of stripy string into the central hole with a screwdriver
7 Cut two lobes from a pine cone to use as ears
8 Make eyebrow shaped slits with a screwdriver then press the pine cone ears in
9 Glue on some googly eyes and a red reindeer nose

Pom Pom Pine Cones

Large, open pine cones
Mini pom poms
Hot glue gun (only to be used by adults)
Sparkly thread or ribbon


1 Glue the tiny pom poms under each lobe of the pine cone
2 Thread sparkly ribbon around the stalk of the pine cone or stick on with the glue gun.


Various stages of creating decorations
Handmade christmas decorations.
Pine cones, glue gun and decorations
Handmade pinecone decorations.

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