Meet our Winter Wonderland elves

Two elves smiling and posing in a wintery forest.

15 December 2022

Meet our Winter Wonderland elves

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Our elves are busy all year round but their favourite time of year is meeting all our guests in Santa’s Woodland Village over Winter Wonderland!

At the heart of Winter Wonderland is Santa’s Woodland Village, where you can find our cheeky elves causing mischief all day long! Our elves love to dance, sing and play games with our guests, especially during Elf Playtime, whilst our reindeer sing in the background!

While Santa is busy meeting children our elves can be found emptying Santa’s postbox, signing elf passports, and wrapping up gifts in our shop. You can find our elves roaming around the pretty lights in our Enchanted Light Garden when dusk falls, and peeking out of the Tipi during Festive Storytime… our elves love Storytime!

Meet our elves!

We have managed to track down four elves - from Starlight and Cupcake helping in the Christmas Shop, to Giggles signing elf passports and Fawn checking our lovely guests in to visit Santa! Keep reading to get to know our elves, they might even share their magic tricks with you!


Get to know Starlight the elf

Hello Starlight! At Christmastime, what is your favourite thing to eat?

Well, I love anything sweet but I am definitely partial to a roast potato or two!

What is your favourite drink?

Hot chocolates are my favourite, but you’ve got to remember to add whipped cream and silver sprinkles!

What is your magic trick?

I can become a tree! Look… I will demonstrate for you now.

(check the gallery below to see Starlight as a tree!)

And finally, why are you called Starlight?

Santa called me Starlight because I put all of the stars in the sky and all of the lights on the trees!


Introducing Cupcake the elf

Hello Cupcake. What is your favourite thing to eat?


And what is your favourite drink, to go with a cupcake?

I always wash my cupcakes down with a pumpkin spice latte.. mmm!

What is your magic trick?

I can make gingerbread cookies come to life all over Santa’s Woodland Village!

Why did Santa give you the name Cupcake?

Because I make the best cupcakes that Santa has ever tried!


Giggles would like to tell you all about herself…

Hello Giggles. What is your favourite food?

Chocolate! Every type of chocolate possible.

And what is your favourite drink, Giggles?

I love a fancy hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows!

Have you got a magic trick?

Yes, I have a magical empty colouring book! All of the boys and girls help me to create the outlines of shapes on each page of the book, and if there is extra magic, the boys and girls help me to add colour to each shape, which spreads Christmas magic all around!

And, finally, why did Santa name you Giggles?

I like to write jokes in the Christmas crackers that you all pull during Christmas dinner on Christmas Day


Meet Fawn the elf 

Hello Fawn. What is your favourite food?

Candy canes! But I always remember to eat carrots in front of the reindeer to show them how to be healthy.

And what is your favourite drink?

I love to drink hot chocolate, but don’t forget to add a candy cane on top!

Do you have a magic trick that you can share with us?

Yes! I make all of the reindeer reins magic!

And, last but not least, why are you called Fawn?

Because I look after all of Santa’s reindeer!


We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our mischievous elves. If you are visiting for a Winter Wonderland break remember to look out for Starlight, Cupcake, Giggles, Fawn and the rest of our mischievous elves - they might even show you their magic tricks!

Our elves wish you a magical Merry Christmas.

Starlight the elf pretending to be a tree inbetween two Christmas trees
Cupcake the elf posing in front of snowy trees
Giggles the elf stood in Santa's Woodland Village
Fawn the elf stood in Santa's Woodland Workshop

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