Saint Patrick's Day at Longford Forest

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24 March 2022

Saint Patrick's Day at Longford Forest

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For the first time in 2 years, the whole of Ireland enjoyed a four-day weekend to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.  At Longford Forest, guests and colleagues were filled with excitement at the prospect of marking this celebration on village for the very first time since opening in June 2019. Having missed out the previous years, Center Parcs staff were keen to arrange something extra special for 2022 to try to make up for lost time.


To mark the occasion at Longford Forest on 17 March, guests were treated to performances from street entertainers and a wonderful parade filled with performers, magical princesses, and energetic Irish drummers. The parade started from the Village Square and made its way to the lake - a beautiful, picturesque finish. Excited guests lined the paths of the village to join in with the parade, with little ones and grown ups alike dancing, clapping and letting their hair down. The atmosphere was very cheerful, with smiles, joy and laughter all around.


Guests carried on the celebrations in many of our restaurants where they could have that all-important pint of Guinness - the quintessential way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! Many families continued their activities into the evening with a game of Ten Pin Bowling, and others made their way back to their lodge for a cosy night in, cuddled on the sofa, playing games.


Colleagues agreed that the day created a great atmosphere on the village, and it was wonderful to see guests having a great time. The festivities provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Irish culture and traditions, and being the first Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated at Center Parcs made it an even more special occasion for guests and staff alike.


We look forward to celebrating this meaningful day with even bigger celebrations in the years to come. Why not book a break at our Ireland village, Longford Forest, to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2023?

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