Solve your dining dilemmas at The Pancake House

Pancake stacks with chocolate sauce and toppings
02 November 2019

Solve your dining dilemmas at The Pancake House

Body Content

“We’ve been cycling all afternoon, now we’re starving!”

Cycling is one of the best ways to burn hundreds of calories in an hour, so it’s no wonder you’re feeling peckish. What better excuse do you need to dig into a chocoholics American Pancake Stack? Why not add a scoop of ice cream for extra indulgence? After all, you’ve got the ride back to your lodge to work it off…

“Breakfast needs to be big – our activities today are non-stop”

Whether you’ve got a full-on Laser Combat session, a pulse-raising Aerial Adventure or just a hard day of manicures and massages at the Aqua Sana Spa, The Pancake House is the ultimate way to celebrate sunrise. Our breakfast menu features everything from ’grammable Smoked Salmon and Spinach Pancakes to our ever-popular New York Stacks

“I’m on a health kick, but want to join in the family fun”

Our Farmers Omelettes are packed with colourful, fresh veggies to help you eat that daily rainbow we should be aiming for. The eggs pack a protein punch to keep you full until dinner, plus the mushrooms, peppers and spring onions add up to two of your five a day. For fewer calories, ask your server to hold the cheese.

“Does no gluten have to mean no choice?”

Definitely not. Look out for the GF symbol next to many dishes on the menu and ask for your meal to be tailored to your needs. Our Belgian-style waffles are a safe bet as you’ll find the GF symbol next to all of these. Or indulge in a fresh and fruity Strawberries and Cream Waffle.

“Help! My daughter’s just gone vegan”

With 10% of British children aged eight to 16 now said to be vegan or vegetarian, what to dish up for dinner is a common dilemma for many families. As usual, our restaurants have it covered and many of The Pancake House‘s dishes are available as vegan versions – simply look out for the VE symbol on the menu or ask your server. The moo-free Banoffee Pancake proves that desserts don’t need dairy to be delectable.

“We’ve got 30 minutes of treat time before our next activity”

Want an afternoon family treat, but haven’t got time for a full meal? Let us introduce you to our gourmet sundae shakes. Go for the ‘Purple One’ to really shake things up: blueberry purée, Oreos, vanilla ice cream and milk, blended and topped with whipped cream and, yes, more Oreos. Its vivid hue makes it splendidly shareable – on social, if not IRL. Or, for little ones, our Children’s Shakes come in chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours and their own cute miniature bottles.

There’s no need to book at The Pancake House, just turn up. View more information – including menus – on all Center Parcs restaurants.

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