Take a look inside Longleat Forest's Rajinda Pradesh refurb

Red curry dish from Rajinda Pradesh restaurant

3 September 2021

Take a look inside Longleat Forest's Rajinda Pradesh refurb

See the transformation from the old purple and red Rajinda Pradesh to the new restaurant refurb which features over 5o lanterns and so much more.


Sean Erangey, Projects Manager mentioned “There hasn’t been a refurb before this. The last major change to Rajinda Pradesh was when it was opened! Rajinda Pradesh was originally Country Club and was changed in 2002.”


The recent refurbishment took only 4 weeks to complete and features some new wall art in the restaurant. The feature wall shows Indian Proverbs in Hindi writing which translate to:

“A person of excellent qualities is like a flower, which, whether found amongst weeds or worn on the head, still preserves it’s fragrance”

“The heart of an excellent person resembles the coconut, which, though hard without, contains refreshing water and delicious food within”

“Let the traveller fainting on his journey take rest under a tree which contains both fruit and shade”


See if you can spot these fun facts on your next visit:

  • 258 jars of real spices are on display, with many more being added
  • In the restaurant, there are 55 lanterns. See if the little ones can count them all!
  • They have raised the lower level up so that all the restaurant is on one level
  • The coloured plaster in the bar area and the toilets was carried out by specialist tradesmen and the texture of the plaster is created using ground-up Cornish clay.


We spoke to Wesley Taylor the Restaurant General Manager who says “Many of our repeat guests were very much accustomed to the purple and red Rajinda Pradesh restaurant they had known over the last decade and so they are very much wowed when they first enter our new look Rajinda Pradesh. Guests love how modern but authentic the restaurant looks, how inviting and cosy the selection of booths are and how much improved it is over its former self. We have had nothing but positive praise about it. Our colleagues are also buzzing with the new look restaurant and have had a great first few weeks serving our guests some great food and memorable holiday experiences.”


Tantalise your taste buds with the tastes of India at Rajinda Pradesh available at all Center Parcs villages. A selection of contemporary Indian dishes packed full of flavour, like a mild and creamy Korma made with coconut and mango, to a rich and fiery Madras. Indulge in a choice of starters and sides like fragrant rice or fluffy Naan bread. Made with delicious authentic ingredients, inspired from across India.


If you love what you see at Longleat Forest, Sherwood Forest’s Rajinda Pradesh has also been refurbished!


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View inside Rajinda's
View inside Rajinda's seating area
View inside Rajinda's

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