The Center Parcs tradition lives on through generations

A family walking through the forest together

21 September 2021

The Center Parcs tradition lives on through generations

It’s true when we say a Center Parcs break is for the whole family. A lot of our guests have been coming on breaks for years, visiting with their parents when they were little to now keeping the tradition and bringing their own family. Read the memories of our long-returning guests and their stories about their visits to Center Parcs.

Generational memories

“I’ve visited Sherwood Forest every year since I was six months old, I’m now 25 and still go every year with my mum and dad. I now have two children which I am carrying the tradition on with them. It’s my favourite place to be!” – Shaz E

“For over 32 years. Every year. Three generations, wonderful memories and more to create. It is our family tradition to go.” – Tania B

“Once a year to bring our family all together in one place and the memories we make get better every year, we’ve been doing it ever since we were young children and have no plans in stopping” – Nikki A

“First went 30 years ago when our children were small. Been every year since and our grown-up children now go with their friends. Our youngest daughter has just had her honeymoon at Sherwood Forest. Center Parcs is the place where our family makes happy memories.” – Sara A

“My mum and dad brought me as a baby in 1988 just after you opened Sherwood Forest and we have been coming ever since, usually once or twice a year. Now we bring our son along with us who enjoyed his third visit this summer.” – Kirsty J

It’s the little things

“We’ve been coming since our older teen was born and have returned at least once each year since. Our accommodation choice has grown along with our family. We have an autistic child who is always at their happiest when we’re in the forest. We know it isn’t, but we always say ‘it’s our forest’ as we feel so at home and free from any of life’s pressures when we’re there!” – Emma D

“We’ve been coming nearly every year since my son was around 12 months old, he’s now 18! Many precious family memories have been made and we’ve also visited with friends on a number of occasions. For me, there’s something about parking the car up for the week and wandering into the forest which helps me relax and unwind.” – Lisa V

“We first visited around 2004, a few more times over the next few years then in 2010 we stayed for a week during Winter Wonderland and it became our family holiday place to be. We’ve celebrated special birthdays, anniversaries, and many Christmas breaks at Center Parcs. We’ve made lots of amazing memories together. The reason we still come back is because it’s beautiful, it’s tranquil, it’s peaceful and very relaxing, yet there’s also lots to do and places to eat and drink too.” – Terri S

 I have been coming since I was very little, my sister was 10 months old on our first trip and she is now 25! I have just visited with my fiancé and his little girl for their first trip. The joy on their faces going down the rapids has now cemented it as an annual trip. I’m back again in October with my sister and I can’t wait!” – Justine H

“Almost 30 years of Center Parcs, shared with family or friends, sometimes both at the same time. We keep coming back because no matter how many times we visit, there’s always something new to explore and experience. We’ve grown up together at Center Parcs and we look forward to introducing our granddaughters for the first time next year… We’ve stayed in every kind of lodge there is except the Treehouses, but there is still time yet. We love the lakes, the wildlife and the freedom to roam, relax, catch up and chill out. Can’t wait for every next booking.” – Gary T

Year after year

“I have been coming for the last 33 years at least once a year. I got engaged at Sherwood Forest and this year is our 31st anniversary. Many happy memories at all the villages we have visited. Looking forward to our next visit, next year.” – Anthony W

 “I will have been five times by the end of the year including a Treehouse treat, I’m obsessed and we arrive again tomorrow! Fresh air, trying new activities, lighting the fire on an evening and beautiful wildlife is what brings us back, again and again! Family and making memories” – Lisa S

Not often enough, twice a year for over 20 years…” – Alison S

“Over 13 years we’ve had 16 visits! Completely love everything about it.” – Maxine S


Book your Center Parcs break whether you are a returning guest or a first-timer, the forest awaits you.

Look out for our photo opportunities whilst on your break and take a family snap. Why not make it your family tradition and you could look back at lovely memories over the years. We would love to see your snaps, tag us using the hashtag #mycp.



Family walking through Center Parcs
Man and child play in the pool
Family in winter wear walking together

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