The life of Percy the Peacock

27 January 2022


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It is with heavy hearts that we are letting our guests know that Percy the Peacock at Elveden Forest has sadly passed away. We don’t know his exact age, but we believe he was around 20 years old, the natural lifespan of a peacock.

Percy appeared at Elveden Forest one day, most likely from a neighbouring estate, and made the village his home. He has been a part of the Center Parcs family ever since, beloved by guests and staff alike. He went wherever he pleased, strutting around the village as if he owned the place, and his quirky antics and cheeky personality made him something of a celebrity.

Percy really was quite the character, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our favourite memories of Elveden’s cheekiest peacock:

  • He would often visit staff in their offices and sometimes even perch himself on the sofa
  • During the colder winter months Percy would visit the Pottery Painting Studio and keep warm by the kilns, while in the summer he loved to sunbathe outside the Waterfront Apartments
  • A social media star, pictures of Percy frequently appeared on the #mycp hashtag and Elveden Forest TripAdvisor page
  • He was a bit of a show-off, and plenty of guests were lucky enough to see his flamboyant feather displays
  • He was something of a prankster too, often flying down suddenly from the trees at night and startling unsuspecting guests
  • He even had his very own risk assessment created by the Health and Safety team
  • Percy liked to pretend to be a guard dog, patrolling the Lakeside Hotel door and trying to prevent guests from entering and leaving
  • During lockdown, security staff took care of Percy, hand feeding him and doing daily checks on his location

He’ll certainly be missed, but we’re so glad that he enjoyed a long and happy life at Elveden Forest.

Do you have a special memory or photograph of Percy the Peacock? Share it with us on social media, using the hashtag #mycp

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