The living roof at Woburn Forest

29 July 2021

The living roof at Woburn Forest

What’s so great about our roofs?

In 2014 the opportunity was taken to include within the design of Woburn Forest Center Parcs a ‘Green Roof System’ on our Plaza building which includes the Aqua Sana. This ‘Green Roof’ covers 8500m² with an array of Sedum plants which provides an inviting habitat for creatures great and small. But we didn’t stop there, not only does the living roof feature on the Plaza it is also on The Pancake House which provides a further 353m² of friendly environment for the local wildlife.


Raising the roof

Made up of a special mix of compost, crushed brick and plant cuttings, the roofs are an additional habitat for a diverse range of insects and birds. Not just a benefit for the animals though, these green roofs are brilliant for the environment as they absorb excess carbon dioxide.

Ian Buck the Grounds Service Manager at Woburn says that ‘not only do the buildings blend in better with the surroundings but the green roofs also provide an important habitat for insects and other animals.’ This was highlighted in 2017 when we were recognised by DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), who are responsible for safeguarding our natural environment, and named a Bee’s Needs champion at their annual awards ceremony. This accolade is in celebration of the green roofs the village has on two of its buildings which were planted in 2014.


How you can help

Center Parcs believes in protecting the forest and our environment. So can you and your family help? Of course you can. Read our tips on how to create a bird-friendly garden.


Book your short break to Woburn Forest and spot the roofs for yourselves.



Sophie Borrill

Sophie Borrill

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