The soundtrack to your refreshing family break

7 January 2022


Have you found yourself gazing at the TV when our new advert comes on and suddenly you are tapping your feet and clicking your fingers? Our new Family.Refreshed. campaign is all about being upbeat and recharging your batteries, which a Center Parcs break is perfect for.

Did you know we contacted a children’s choir and recorded them singing their own version of the upbeat classic 'For once in my life' by Stevie Wonder?


“We instantly fell in love with the idea of using Stevie Wonder’s ‘For Once In My Life’ for our new advert. After a really difficult two years, we wanted to have a song that was upbeat, optimistic and made people feel good! But we also wanted to convey our brand essence – families – and how better to do that than to have a children’s choir singing the soundtrack.” - Andrew Regan, Senior Brand and Content Manager

Young Notes, a community interest company, who run youth choirs for young people aged from 3 - 21 from the local area to get involved with performing arts, were the chosen choir for our new TV advert.

Regan O’Mahony, Founder and Director of the Young Talent Academy, said: “When we were asked to take part in the Center Parcs advert, the students were so excited! The whole experience was really enjoyable, and the students were incredibly professional throughout – I’m so proud of them all."

Watch the below video to see behind the scenes of how the song was recorded and came together to form our new soundtrack.


Feeling good? Start to feel re-energised, revived and reconnected with your family by listening to our brand-new Spotify playlists – you’ll find it hard to stop dancing.


Whether you are doing a spring clean, working out or in the car driving, pop our re-energised playlist on and bust out those classic ‘mop’ moves to Mr. Blue Sky, Walking on Sunshine or Shake It Off.

Listen now.


Could you do with a trip to Aqua Sana? Listen to our Reviving playlist and take some time out to unwind, until you can get to Aqua Sana Spa. Find a cosy space, put your feet up with a cuppa and hit play - you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

Listen now.


A playlist for the whole family to listen to. To use as background music on games night or in the car driving to Center Parcs for your family break! Little ones can sing their heart’s out to High School Musical and the grown ups can jive to the classics. There’s something for everyone in this playlist all about love, family and togetherness.

Listen now.

Looking to recharge your family’s batteries? Book a Center Parcs break and share quality moments together. 

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This blog post was written by a former colleague of Center Parcs; the content in the post is still relevant for you to keep up to date with all things Center Parcs.

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