The Subtropical Swimming Paradise: our top tips for your visit

two teenagers laugh as they play in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise

9 March 2023

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise: our top tips for your visit

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Everyone knows that no Center Parcs break is complete without a visit (or ten!) to our tropical water park, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Whether you’re racing down the Wild Water Rapids, riding the waves in the wave pool or soaking amongst the bubbles in a hot whirlpool, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a fun family favourite for all ages.


With free and unlimited entry during your break, here are our six top tips for making the most of every visit.


Establish a base or meeting point for your family

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a large complex, with lots of different indoor and outdoor areas, and we know that sometimes everyone often wants to go off and do their own thing! When you first enter, it’s a good idea to agree a ‘base’ or a meeting point for everyone to come back to during your visit.


Listen out for the ‘Tarzan’ sound

If you’re visiting the Subtropical Swimming Paradise for the first time, don’t be alarmed when you hear a ‘Tarzan’ sound echoing through the dome! This is the call to let you know the waves are about to start, so head down to the wave pool for some splashing good fun.


Consider booking a Family Cabana

Why not book a Family Cabana for a relaxing retreat in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise? Inside, you’ll find a TV, safe for your personal belongings, ice cold soft drinks and snuggly towels. If you’re visiting Sherwood Forest, check out our brand-new Cabanas in the luxurious Cabana Cove.


Remember to refuel and stay hydrated

Swimming and splashing is thirsty work, so head to the Canopy Café and Bar for food, drinks and snacks whenever you’re ready to refuel. Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest and Woburn Forest also have a Starbucks in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise – perfect for a quick pick-me-up coffee or an ice-cold frappé. 


Try visiting in the evening

Why not plan in a visit to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise during the quieter times? You’ll generally find shorter queues for the rides and slides after 5pm, and night-time swims are extra magical - there’s nothing quite like racing down the Wild Water Rapids under the starry night sky!


Make use of the full-body dryers

Inside our changing rooms, you’ll find full body dryers where the whole family can step inside, warm up and dry off together for £2 (UK villages) or €2 (Longford Forest). Using this before you get dressed will make things easier, particularly if you’re also helping little ones – and your towels will stay much dryer, too!


Find out more about the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.



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