Your summer barbecue - Center Parcs style

28th July 2022

Your summer barbecue - Center Parcs style

Summer is here. Invite the whole family over for a barbecue of the year – Center Parcs style. I share with you tips on how to create the best burger, taking inspiration from our Huck’s American Bar and Grill restaurant. We have put together your favourite summertime songs in our summer Spotify playlist and finish the day off with our very own exclusive Center Parcs family quiz.

Crowd pleaser burger

We all know the favourite part of a family barbecue is when mum and dad shout “food is ready!” For the designated burger flipper, we have put our top tips on creating the best burger below:

  • Use a good quality burger! Choose your preferred meat or veggie option
  • Make sure your barbecue is at optimum temperature and the bars heat up so a nice grill line can be created
  • Don’t be tempted to keep moving the burger around, they will break!
  • Seal the burgers on the barbecue then finish in the oven to stop overcooking and burning
  • Garnish with fresh gem lettuce, sliced red onion and ripe plum tomatoes to enhance the burger taste
  • Chef hint: Thousand Island makes a great burger sauce
  • Use a good quality brioche bun, and slightly toast beforehand on the barbecue before putting together. You can do this ahead of time and it will change the whole flavour profile significantly
  • Finally, use the orange American style cheese (you know the one) it just gives that final flavour hit
  • Enjoy!

You could follow the same tips to create sizzling sausages and serve them with salad, nibbles and more for a tasty barbecue buffet.

For a true Huck’s American Bar & Grill style barbecue, download our Huck’s ultimate night in pack and create American bunting and hats, discover other tasty recipes, activity sheets to keep the little ones entertained and even movie recommendations for nighttime.

Summer tunes

For the family member who is DJ for the day, we have put together a summer playlist with all your favourite songs to get everyone singing and dancing along.

Don’t forget the speakers!


Quiz time!

Nothing beats family time like a fun quiz everyone can join in on - even better when it’s all about Center Parcs! How much do you really know about our villages?

Test your family’s knowledge of Center Parcs in our fun family quiz. Download and print our question and answer sheets for great afternoon entertainment. 


little girl eating a big burger with family
picture of hands holding marshmallows on sticks toasting over a barbecue
A burger with lettuce, onion and tomato in a brioche bun with a side of chips and coleslaw

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