The best Instagram Reels to try at Center Parcs

View of lake with the beach, Pancake House and forest in the distance

20 July 2022

The best Instagram Reels to try at Center Parcs

Making Instagram Reels can be a fun way to make memories with your family. You can use them to document special moments, or just enjoy giving something new a try together. Usually, your tech savvy teenagers will be the experts and so it’s a nice opportunity to let them take the lead. Or upskill your own social media repertoire and give it a go with little ones.


Here are our top 5 Instagram Reels to try at Center Parcs:


1. The Classic “Jump Cut”

Up at number one is our favourite: the Center Parcs Jump Cut. Jump around all your favourite locations at Center Parcs to create a montage of your break with your family. Pick an upbeat track (may we suggest, For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder?) and make your movie.  Here’s our example:


To find out how to make something like this, read our how-to-guide here.


2. The Crowd Pleaser “Cover the Camera”

One of the easier transitions to try is the “Cover the Camera”. You start by filming somewhere before your Center Parcs break, maybe yourself on the car journey or closing your laptop after a busy day at work, then cover the camera with the palm of your hand. Then the fun bit – when you get to Center Parcs, film your favourite place – maybe your luxury lodge, or the lake looking atmospheric. But start with your palm covering the camera this time, pulling it away to reveal where you have teleported to – Center Parcs! Here’s an example:


3. The Artsy “Sunrise”

This one is a little special (we think). Find a lovely place to film outdoors at sunrise or sunset. Then drag down on your smartphone screen to reduce the “brightness” or “exposure”. Then start filming, and quickly drag your finger up the screen again to bring the light back to full glory. You’ll end up with something like this….


4. The Foodie “Click”

Ever wish you could close your eyes, click your fingers, and open them to delicious pancakes? Well on Instagram Reels you can! Start by filming an empty table at the Pancake House, stop filming and wait for your order to arrive, then film a second click showing your delicious stack in front of you!


5. The Happy Dance “My Tiny Army”

One for the exciting moment you book your break! Start the video at home and add the text “When you find out you’re going to Center Parcs!” then add the “My Tiny Army” effect and dance to celebrate!


Not sure how to add effects when filming and making Instagram Reels?

Open Instagram and click to create a new Reel (press the plus button at the top, then pick Reel).

  • Tap “Effects” by clicking the symbol that shows three glittery stars, just above the record button
  • Tap “Reels”
  • Choose a transition effect (for example My Tiny Army or Duplicate)
  • Record your video!

We hope you like these ideas and we can’t wait to see you try them. So, get creative and tag #MyCP with your masterpieces for us to see and reshare! 


Center Parcs author

This blog post was written by a former colleague of Center Parcs; the content in the post is still relevant for you to keep up to date with all things Center Parcs.

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