We have joined Hidden Disability Sunflower

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17 August 2022

We have joined Hidden Disability Sunflower

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We are proud to have joined Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. We understand that not all disabilities are visible and some of our guests will need extra support. A Center Parcs break with the family should be stress-free allowing you to relax. The Sunflower allows guests with non-visible disabilities to discreetly let colleagues know that they may need extra support, understanding or more time. Whether that’s adjusting an activity for them to join in, providing more information in a restaurant or meeting additional needs in the lodge – our colleagues will go above and beyond to assist so you can enjoy your break.

Guests and colleagues can collect a free Sunflower lanyard or pin badge from Guest Services and also the below Booking Desks:

Sherwood Forest – Jardin Des Sports Booking Desk

Whinfell Forest – Sports Plaza Booking Desk

Elveden Forest – Sports Plaza Booking Desk

Woburn Forest – The Plaza Booking Desk

Longleat Forest – The Plaza and Sports Plaza Booking Desks

Longford Forest, Ireland – Sports Plaza Booking Desk

Steve Robinson, Deputy Village Director at Sherwood Forest, has coordinated the introduction of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Steve explains:

“It’s important to us that everyone has a fantastic experience at Center Parcs and our colleagues go above and beyond to assist our guests who tell us they have disabilities; be that by giving them extra support when requested or adjusting an activity so they can take part. However, being part of the Sunflower network gives our guests a discreet way to let us know that they have a non-visible disability, which will help colleagues anticipate that they may need additional help or understanding. We are proud to be part of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and hope our guests and colleagues make use of the lanyards and pins available.”

Visit our website for more information on disabilities at Center Parcs.

Our colleagues have been going above and beyond for our guests for years. Discover how we have helped other families in our blog post

We love hearing our guests’ stories. Have you been on a break and needed support with non-visible disabilities? Has a colleague gone above and beyond for you? Please get in touch via village.life@centerparcs.co.uk

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This blog post was written by a former colleague of Center Parcs; the content in the post is still relevant for you to keep up to date with all things Center Parcs.

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